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Actress anne bos naked in merette

a young girl plays naked in a river


Featuring anne bos

Movie from year 1982
Synopsis of the film: a young girl plays naked in a river

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Mérette (1982) Summary: “Mérette” is a Swiss television film directed by Jean-Jacques Lagrange, based on a story by Gottfried Keller. The film was first broadcast in January 1982. The story is set in the 19th century and revolves around a young girl named Mérette, who blames God for the loss of her mother. She rejects the strict Protestant education that her father tries to impose on her by placing her with Pastor Magnoux in the Vaud countryside. Oppressed by these religious rules, Mérette seeks refuge in her imagination and the gentleness of nature. Description: The film portrays Mérette as a pretty child living within a patrician, strictly Calvinist family in Switzerland during the 19th century. She is initially happy until her mother dies, which leads her to blame God and abandon her religion. This act of defiance against her faith leads to conflict within her family and rejection from the villagers. Her priest drives her into isolation, further emphasizing the struggle between her personal beliefs and societal expectations. Review: “Mérette” is a poignant exploration of faith, loss, and rebellion against societal norms. The film’s narrative is compelling, drawing viewers into Mérette’s world as she grapples with profound questions about faith and the nature of God. Anne Bos delivers a captivating performance as Mérette, effectively portraying the character’s inner turmoil and resilience. Jean Bouise also gives a notable performance as Pastor Magnoux, embodying the stern religious authority that Mérette rebels against. The film’s cinematography beautifully captures the Swiss countryside, serving as a serene backdrop to Mérette’s tumultuous journey. History: “Mérette” has made its mark in film history by winning the Grand Prix at the 25th International Author Film Festival in San Remo in 1982. Despite its age, the film continues to resonate with audiences today due to its timeless themes and compelling performances. Its exploration of faith, rebellion, and societal expectations remains relevant, making “Mérette” a classic worth revisiting.


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In this movie from 1982 watch actress Anne Bos in her hottest first underwear naughty in erotic film.

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merette is a film of 1982 where you can see actress anne bos naked.
Members can donwnload 1 naked scene of anne bos celebrity in merette at a resolution of 640*360px on
merette is a film with outdoor, schoolgirl, young, flat, full nudity, school, blonde.
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