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Actress unknown actress naked in den store badedag

a young blonde gets fucked in a stairwell


den store badedag - the gret day on the beach

Movie from year 1991
Synopsis of the film: a young blonde gets fucked in a stairwell

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Den store badedag (English title: The Great Day on the Beach) is a 1991 Danish comedy-drama film directed by Stellan Olsson and written by Stellan Olsson and Søren Skjær. It stars Erik Clausen, Nina Gunke, Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe, Bjarne Liller and Kirsten Rolffes. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Palle Fischer, which is inspired by his own childhood memories. The film is about a working-class family in Copenhagen in 1936, who go on a rare trip to the beach and experience various adventures and revelations12. The film follows the perspective of Gustav (Vibe), a nine-year-old boy who lives with his parents Axel (Clausen) and Svea (Gunke) and his grandfather (Hasse Alfredsson) in a small apartment. Gustav idolizes his father, who is a blacksmith and a storyteller, and believes that he has had many exciting experiences in Argentina and other exotic places. Gustav also has a crush on Emilie (Liselotte Lohmann), a bartender who works at the pub where his father often drinks with his friend Skuggan (Liller), a former boxer12. One day, Axel decides to take his family to the beach, which is a rare treat for them. They borrow a car from Skuggan and drive to the coast, where they encounter various people and situations. They meet Mrs Fredriksen (Rolffes), a wealthy widow who invites them to her villa. They also meet Esther (Miriam Stein), a Jewish girl who is hiding from the Nazis. They also witness a plane crash, a robbery and a murder. Along the way, Gustav learns some truths about his father’s past and his own identity12. The film shows the contrast between Gustav’s imagination and reality, as well as the social and political changes that are happening in Europe at the time. The film also explores the themes of family, friendship, love, dreams and society12. Review: Den store badedag is a film that offers a nostalgic and humorous portrait of a family who tries to enjoy life despite their hardships and limitations. The film avoids cynicism or sentimentality, but rather presents the characters with warmth and sympathy. The film also balances the comedy with drama, creating a realistic and engaging tone34. The film is well-directed by Olsson, who creates a vivid and immersive atmosphere with his use of long takes, close-ups and natural sound. The film also features excellent performances from its cast, especially Clausen, who portrays Axel with charm and charisma. The film also makes effective use of music and poetry, such as the songs by Erik Grip or the poems by Gustav himself34. Den store badedag is a film that may appeal to fans of historical comedies or family dramas, but it is also a universal and timeless story that can resonate with anyone who has experienced childhood or nostalgia. It is a film that depicts a specific period and place in Danish history, but it also transcends its context and speaks to the human condition. It is a film that celebrates the joy and wonder of life, but it also acknowledges its challenges and uncertainties34. History: Den store badedag was released in 1991 in Denmark, after premiering at the Munich Film Festival on June 30, 1991. The film was produced by Nordisk Film A/S, ASA Film Production ApS, Det Danske Filminstitut and other co-producers. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Palle Fischer, which was published in 1988 and was inspired by his own childhood memories of living in Copenhagen in the 1930s15. The film was written by Stellan Olsson and Søren Skjær, who had previously collaborated on several short films together1. The film was directed by Stellan Olsson, a Swedish filmmaker who had graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich in 1982. He had previously directed two short films: A Girl from Our Class (1984) and A Girl from Our Yard (1986). Den store badedag was his first feature film15. The film starred Erik Clausen as Axel, a famous Danish actor who had started his career in theater and comedy. He had also appeared in films such as Cirkus Casablanca (1981), Walter og Carlo - op på fars hat (1985) and Krummerne (1991). He later became famous for his role as Arne in the TV series Langt fra Las Vegas16. The film also starred Nina Gunke as Svea, a Swedish actress who had starred in films such as The Inheritors (1983), The Seventh Continent (1989) and Benny’s Video (1992). She had also worked with Olsson before in A Girl from Our Class17. The film also featured Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe as Gustav, a young actor who had made his debut in the TV series Die Wicherts von nebenan in 1986. He had also appeared in the TV movie Die Wilsheimer (1987)1. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praised its realism, sensitivity and humor. The film was also nominated for several awards, including the Robert Award for Best Film, the Bodil Award for Best Actor (Clausen) and the European Film Award for European Discovery of the Year134. The film was also selected as the Danish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist18. Den store badedag is a film that has left a lasting impression on its viewers and has become a cult classic among Danish cinema fans. The film has also influenced other filmmakers, such as Lone Scherfig, who cited it as one of her favorite films and an inspiration for her own film Italian for Beginners (2000). The film has also been referenced and parodied in various media, such as the TV series Stromberg (2004-2012), the web series This Is Horosho (2009-present) and the song “Den store badedag” by Nephew (2012).

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den store badedag ( also known as "the gret day on the beach" ) is a film of 1991 where you can see actress naked.
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