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Actresses dakota fanning & emilia jones naked in brimstone

a young teen is raped by her father


Featuring emilia jones & dakota fanning
hd 720p

Movie from year 2016
Synopsis of the film: a young teen is raped by her father

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Brimstone (2016) Brimstone is a 2016 psychological western thriller film written and directed by Martin Koolhoven. It stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Emilia Jones, Kit Harington and Carice van Houten. It is a Dutch-French-German-Belgian-Swedish-British co-production. The film was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, where it caused controversy for its graphic violence and misogyny. Plot The film consists of four chapters, titled Revelation, Exodus, Genesis and Retribution, which are presented in reverse chronological order. Revelation: Liz (Dakota Fanning) is a mute midwife who lives with her husband Eli (William Houston), his son Matthew (Jack Roth) and their daughter Sam (Vera Vitali) in a remote frontier town. One day, a new preacher (Guy Pearce) arrives and Liz recognizes him as a man from her past who has tormented her. The preacher accuses Liz of killing a baby during a difficult delivery and vows to punish her. He kills Eli and Matthew and sets fire to their house. Liz escapes with Sam and seeks refuge at her friend Sally’s (Carice van Houten) brothel. Exodus: Liz is revealed to be Joanna, a young woman who was forced into prostitution by her father Frank (Paul Anderson). She falls in love with a young outlaw named Samuel (Kit Harington), who plans to rob Frank and rescue Joanna. However, Frank finds out about their scheme and captures Samuel. He tortures him in front of Joanna and cuts out his tongue. Joanna manages to free Samuel and they flee together. They encounter the preacher, who is actually Joanna’s uncle and Frank’s brother. He is a religious fanatic who believes that Joanna is evil and must be purified by fire. He shoots Samuel and chases Joanna, who jumps into a river and escapes. Genesis: Joanna is shown as a child named Lizzy (Emilia Jones), who lives with her mother Anna (Carice van Houten) and her abusive father Frank. Frank is a member of a cult led by the preacher, who is his older brother. The preacher molests Lizzy and impregnates Anna. When Anna gives birth to a boy, the preacher claims him as his own and names him Samuel. He also decides to marry Lizzy when she comes of age. Anna tries to poison the preacher, but he survives and kills her. He then forces Frank to cut out Lizzy’s tongue as punishment. Lizzy runs away with her baby brother Samuel and finds shelter at a farm owned by Eli and his wife Sarah (Naomi Battrick). Retribution: Liz and Sam arrive at another town, where they are helped by Nathan (Adrian Sparks), an old friend of Eli’s. Liz learns that Sally has been killed by the preacher and that he is still after her. She decides to confront him once and for all. She lures him into a trap and shoots him several times, but he survives and stabs her in the stomach. He then reveals that he is actually her father, not her uncle, and that he raped Anna when she was his sister-in-law. He also says that Samuel is his son and that he wants to take him back. Liz manages to stab the preacher in the throat with a knife hidden in her boot. She then crawls to Sam and dies in his arms. Cast Dakota Fanning as Liz / Joanna Guy Pearce as The Preacher / Frank Emilia Jones as Young Liz / Lizzy Kit Harington as Samuel Carice van Houten as Anna / Sally William Houston as Eli Jack Roth as Matthew Vera Vitali as Sam Paul Anderson as Frank Naomi Battrick as Sarah Adrian Sparks as Nathan Reception The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film’s cinematography, score, performances and ambition, while others criticized the film’s excessive violence, misogyny, length and narrative structure. The film was also controversial for its depiction of rape, torture, incest and child abuse. Awards The film won six Golden Calves at the 2016 Netherlands Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Guy Pearce), Best Supporting Actress (Carice van Houten), Best Cinematography and Best Production Design. It was also nominated for four Robert Awards at the 2017 Danish Film Awards, including Best Non-American Film. Trivia The film was shot in Hungary, Germany, Austria and Spain in 2015. The film features several actors from Game of Thrones, such as Kit Harington, Carice van Houten and Paul Anderson. The film was originally planned as a mini-series, but was later re-edited into a feature film. Parental Guide The film contains scenes of nudity, sexuality, violence and language that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. The film also deals with disturbing topics such as rape, torture, incest and child abuse. The film is rated R in the United States and 16+ in the Netherlands.


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In this film from 2016 view actress Dakota Fanning & Emilia Jones celebrity in her hot casting porn in uncensored sex scenes.

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brimstone is a film of 2016 where you can see actresses dakota fanning & emilia jones naked.
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